Round the Rock 13-Mile Course Records (M/F)

With 7 years of history, everyone wants to know the course records. Over the next few days, we will be updating the website on the course records based on board length and gender. Below are the course records from Seward Park water start. This year is a Newcastle Beach Park in Bellevue, so there may be a slight variance in the times based on the distances.

The ‘World Record’ times for Stand up Paddling 13-miles Round the Rock (Mercer Island) are:

  • Thomas Maximus of San Clemente, CA. 1:59:40
    • Unlimited Division – Record set in 2013
  • Lina Augaitis of Vancouver, B.C. 2:14:39
    • 14′ Division – Record set in 2013


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2015 13-Mile Race Top Finishers


  • Thomas “Maximus” Shahinian, San Clemente, CA.
    • Unlimited board and his winning time was 2:9:25
  • Brennan Rose, Long Beach, CA.
    • 14’ board and his winning time 2:15:12
  • Gary Parsons,
    • 12’6 (stock) and his winning time 2:29:16



  • Shannon Bell, Vancouver, B.C.
    • 12’6” (stock) board and her winning time was 2:29:48


3.5 Mile Race Top Finishers

  • 1st Place Men – Dave Daum – Owner and shaper-extraordinaire at Kings Paddle Sports.
  • 1st Place Women – Lindsay Lambert, Issaquah – SUP Yoga Queen!

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